Keeping the Faith

and we thought
it would be the better choice.

No, no, no. I'm--
I'm glad you saved it, 'cause it's
definitely less weird for me now.

Brian, could--
Brian! Come on. Let's just talk
about this. You don't drink.

Excuse me, but I think in light
of recent revelations...

neither of us is in a position to say
what the other one does or does not do
with much authority.

Wouldn't you say?
Oh, God!

You must think I'm such an idiot.
- No, Brian.
- No, no, no. I mean...

I think I'm an idiot.
I mean, all these moments with you.
You know, I've been
walking around on a cloud and...

it's just been reflected glow
off of you and Jake.

That's not true.
I'm so embarrassed. I--
God, talk about a bad case
of the third wheel.

- Oh, Brian.
- It's like I'm on some...

bad new Aaron Spelling show.
- Melrose Priest.
- No.

I don't-- I don't get this,
you know? Why-- Why now?

Why tell me like this,
after months and months of lying?

Why call me over in the middle
of the night and cry to me and--

He broke up with you, didn't he?
That moron broke up with you, and you
called your old friend the priest.

- Well, I--
- No, no, it makes total sense.

It's just...
tonight I really
didn't want to be one.

Oh, Brian.