Keeping the Faith

Yes. Yeah, I've heard about that.
And my grandfather and my father
were both mohels.

Excuse me, folks. Folks,
I'd like to make a toast to the--

Rabbi Jacob Schram?
Rabbi Jacob Schram?

Oh, Rabbi Jacob Schram. Oh.
- Hello.
- Excuse me.

- May I help you?
- Yes, you may, may you.
I am Father Brian Finn.

I'm looking for my old friend,
Rabbi Jacob Schram.

- And there he is.
- Brian, what's going on?

Looking smart
and breaking hearts as always.

- Brian, what are you doing here?
- Don't smile at me.

Okay? 'Cause I'm on to you,
and I'm in no mood.

- What's going on here?
- Yeah, your jig is so up.

- Yeah, you're drunk.
- I'm not drunk.

- You're drunk.
- I'm not drunk. I'm Irish.
- You're very--

I'm Irish.
This is milk to me, baby.

- What the hell is going on here?
- Milk.

- It's okay.
- It's not okay.

My best friend has been
lying to me for months.

And he stole my girlfriend on top of it.
You wanna explain this?

- Come here.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Did I miss something?

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Did they change the rules?

Take your hands off of me!
- What?
- Give me that. Give me that!

- I can't believe you.
- You know, you better not
lie in here, man.

This is-- This is the big room.
God does not look favorably on it.

- He has a tendency to throw
lightning bolts and things...
- All right.

- at liars!
- All right, how did you find out?