Keeping the Faith

I would have given it all up.
I mean, she didn't, but--
I don't know. I just-- I keep thinking
about what you said in the seminary...

about how, you know,
the life of a priest is hard...

and if-- and if you can see yourself
being happy doing anything else...

you should do that.
Well-- Well, that was
my recruitment pitch...

which is not bad
when you are starting out...

because makes you feel like,
like a marine.

The truth is...
you can never tell yourself that there
is only one thing you could be.

If you're a priest
or if you marry a woman...

it's the same challenge.
You cannot make
a real commitment...

unless you accept
that it's a choice...

that you keep making
again and again and again.

I've been a priest
over 40 years...

and I fell in love
at least once every decade.

You're not gonna tell me
what to do here, are you?

God will give you your answer.

- Hey.
- How you doin'?

Well, what's up?
- Well, I know you're
probably still mad at me--
- "Probably"?

No, I'm definitely,
definitely still mad, you know?

- Okay--
- I hope you didn't think you were
just gonna stroll over here...

after a couple of weeks
and find me in a good mood or something.

No. I just said, "I know
you're probably still mad at me."

Yeah, well, what do you expect,
you know?

I mean-- I mean,
you should have just told me.

You should have just told me,
'cause I'd have said, "No,"
and I'd have been jealous...

and told you it was gonna
muck everything up, but at least
we'd still have been friends.