Keeping the Faith

I've been a priest
over 40 years...

and I fell in love
at least once every decade.

You're not gonna tell me
what to do here, are you?

God will give you your answer.

- Hey.
- How you doin'?

Well, what's up?
- Well, I know you're
probably still mad at me--
- "Probably"?

No, I'm definitely,
definitely still mad, you know?

- Okay--
- I hope you didn't think you were
just gonna stroll over here...

after a couple of weeks
and find me in a good mood or something.

No. I just said, "I know
you're probably still mad at me."

Yeah, well, what do you expect,
you know?

I mean-- I mean,
you should have just told me.

You should have just told me,
'cause I'd have said, "No,"
and I'd have been jealous...

and told you it was gonna
muck everything up, but at least
we'd still have been friends.

We're still friends.
Jesus, I hope we're still friends.

We-Well, friends
don't lie to each other...

- and set each other up
to be humiliated like that, Jake.
- All right.

All right.
Well, that's why I'm here.

That's why I wanted to, uh, apologize,
if you let me talk for a second.

Well, uh, I wanna talk, you know?
I-I've got all these things on my mind.

- Okay.
- I wanna vent a little.
- So talk!

- Let me vent.
- Vent!

Come on. Vent.
Go ahead. Vent.

Well, now I lost my momentum.
So, so go ahead.

S-- Well, say--
What do you wanna say? What?

I wanted to say that I think I handled
things really badly and I'm sorry.

You're my best friend,
and would you please forgive me?

- That was very simple and direct.
- Thank you.

You know,
you're lucky I am a priest...

'cause forgiveness kind of comes
with the job description.

Well, you're a good priest.