La Virgen de los sicarios

"I turned Saint Anthony upside down.
"He didn't find me a sweetheart,
he let me down..."

What do we do now?
I, not a thing.
What I had to do in Iife
I aIready did.

Like a gust of wind peeling lime
off the walls.

Why don't you read something
for a while?

Like Jules Verne's
"Two Year Vacation".

I know how to read.
But I can't concentrate.

Okay, then let's sit together.
We'II stare at that waII
and Iisten to the siIence.

If they'd Iet peopIe work here,
I'd heIp you start a business.

But they don't.
With all the red tape and taxes,
you go bankrupt.

The workers don't work either.
The boss does all the work.

Never give
your fellow man a job, kid.

Let his damn mother give him one!
What do we do now?
I don't know.
Go back out again.
Put two poor wretches together,
in 15 minutes they'II breed

10 more poor wretches.
I hate poverty.