Lista de espera

Who is the last one?
Look, a bus!
A bus, a bus!
Virgin Mary, make it stop!
Make it stop and take us.
Virgin Mary,
I will light a candle...

Two candles...
- Three candles...
- Where does she come from?

Son of a bitch!
Stop it!
You pig!
How will we leave?
I've been waiting for 10 hours!
I've even lost
the notion of time.
That's bad!
Only here can one see such things.
Let's go! She must have been an employee.
You speak!
She got in because she's beautiful.
My God, I'm so tired!
They think we are going
to live here or what?

The last one?
Who is the last one?
If the next one doesn't take anybody,
I explode.

- Who is the last one?
- That's me.

But we will not leave here in less than 3 days.
I must leave tonight!
Impossible, unless you rent a car.
I've been here since dawn!
- My God!
- That's me, the last one.

Impossible. This lady told me...