Lista de espera

Let's go see the administrator.
Yes, let's go see him.
Has anyone seen this administrator?
Comrades, if we go to see him
let us show respect and discipline.
We have to be very clear
about what we want.

Let's go search him.
Tell me, where is the administrator?
Fernandez !
Finally, there's his head.
Any problems?
Our only problem is you.
these people came on foot.
Their car broke down,
and the driver did them a favor,
taking them.
There was only one place,
which was sold.

That's why one cannot easily criticize it.
- Easily?
- We will be patient.

Couldn't you explain this to the people?
As you saw,
I have no time to waste.

I try to repair this car so that
you could leave.

Haven't you noticed?
The girl who got in, was she an employee?
Yes, she was an employee!
None of you has left this station.
You can be sure of that.
And the reinforcements?
We were told about reinforcements.
What reinforcements?
Last week, there were some.
Last, week ...
Last week I was 49 years old.

So, what hope do we have?
We are repairing "our" bus.
The bus of the station.