Lista de espera

Stay calm, Alicia, we will leave.
What's the problem now?
We flowed a connecting rod, madam.
You transport, there!
A little respect for
the administrator!

Comrades, these buses are very old.
We don't have Russian
exchange pieces anymore.

And we cannot import them from USA!
That wasn't a connecting rod.

How do you know it?
If the comrade tells us that,
it means he has consulted experts.

Do you know better than him?
It wasn't a rod, I'm sure.
Even a deaf person would realize there.
One moment, listen. Listen!
One moment.
In your place,
I would react in the same way.

But as there is no bus anymore,
you have to return to your homes,
we will close the station.

And those who do not live here?
Do we install ourselves in the parking place?
My ticket doesn't allow me
to return to my place.

There's no hotel, comrade.
You know it,
you are from this place.

Help one another.
That's all I can say.

I can take somebody to my place.
Please, go.
Please go away.
One minute!
Nobody leaves!
And why would we stay?
What would we do?
We will find a solution.
I have just said
that the bus is rotten.

What will you do?
That's very simple.
We will fix it ourselves.
So, we stay here.
Of course we stay,
it is not rotten!

Comrades, let's be reasonable.