Lista de espera

Do we install ourselves in the parking place?
My ticket doesn't allow me
to return to my place.

There's no hotel, comrade.
You know it,
you are from this place.

Help one another.
That's all I can say.

I can take somebody to my place.
Please, go.
Please go away.
One minute!
Nobody leaves!
And why would we stay?
What would we do?
We will find a solution.
I have just said
that the bus is rotten.

What will you do?
That's very simple.
We will fix it ourselves.
So, we stay here.
Of course we stay,
it is not rotten!

Comrades, let's be reasonable.
If he says the bus is rotten,
it must be true.

These people are competent.
We were told to leave
this bus station.

But the mechanics
don't need to travel.

We do!
I am with the young man in black.

- Me too.
- I am a mechanic.

- I am assistent-mechanic.
- I am engineer.

If I can help, I will do it.
Me too.
Wait until the pieces arrive
from Russia or USA.

During this time,
we will put our hands in the dirty oil.

I wait for nothing and nobody!
I stirred up sky and earth.
I used out my ear,
to phone everywhere

and that didn't help anything.
Do you think that
I have it easy?

Repair the bus,
since you are so sly!

Come on, repair it.
And tell me when you're done with it,
I will be here.

The employees can leave.
I wait until they understand