Lista de espera

- The assistent-mechanic...
- What?

Do you know where the injection pump is?
The injection pump?
You have no autorisation!
Go on, continue.
The injection pump?
You let them do it?
Let them try!
They will see it's stupid.

are you beside the engine?

Do you see four tubes
connected to the engine?

Yes, I see them.
Those are the injectors.
We can use only these toilets,
those of the women are closed.
So if a man enters,
he puts a blue handkerchief.

If it's a woman,
a red handkerchief.

If it's free,
we put the green handkerchief.

- And a child?
- A white handkerchief, sign of purity.

What is the blind man doing?
The blined man? A black handkerchief.
Pour guy, how will he know it?
The problem is when it's urgent.
You wanted to be mean,
but this doesn't work with us!

Now it has to be disassembled.
Blind man, can you do it?
Bring it to me.
Help me...
I like that.
Give me the tools.
A key of 14.
This is a key of 12, I said 14!
If you break it,
you will have to pay for it!

Phillips screwdriver!
Excuse me...
He has eyes on his fingertips!
- What's the matter?
- There's no light anymore.

Go on, blind man, you don't need it.
Stop calling me 'blind man'.
My name is Rolando, ok?