Lista de espera

Now it has to be disassembled.
Blind man, can you do it?
Bring it to me.
Help me...
I like that.
Give me the tools.
A key of 14.
This is a key of 12, I said 14!
If you break it,
you will have to pay for it!

Phillips screwdriver!
Excuse me...
He has eyes on his fingertips!
- What's the matter?
- There's no light anymore.

Go on, blind man, you don't need it.
Stop calling me 'blind man'.
My name is Rolando, ok?
there ...
That's exactly what I thought.
The oil filter is broken.
You see, it wasn't the rod!
Can you repair it?
Find a steel end like that
and it is good.

I wouldn't give you,
not even for Stevie Wonder.

Do you have a piece like this one?
In the darkness, I cannot say anything.
Search in the patio.
Do you have a
power generating unit?

Yes, but it's broken.
I bet it needs
a Russian or an American replace part.

It's a Czech piece.
I already claimed it.
Yes, by telephone.
A little bit of respect, comrades.
If we have to search in the patio,
let's wait until tomorrow.

We have progressed a lot today.
The women must be
waiting for the news.

One moment,
where is the power generating unit?

Be careful how you walk.