Lista de espera

You have a stain there.
Here is the lunch!
Let's go.
Just a second...
I hope you know what you're doing.
I come, I come.
Warm up in front!
My friends, everybody is hungry.
There is a little for everybody.
But that smells very good!
Ah! Thanks.
Take care, Rolando, it's hot...
My God! Virgin of mercy!
What if I go to look for food
in the village

and they will repair the car and leave?
Please, give us food.
If you make my request come true
I will do a pilgrimage on foot

or by train, that's even worse.
Did you like it?
More or less.

I want especially fresh water.
That's right, fresh water!
We go see what we could do.
I will surprise you.
I took 4 times
and I'm still hungry.

Me too,
I still die of hunger.

Without meat,
it's as if I haven't eaten anything.

My trick is the meat...