Miss Congeniality

Arson, explosives, poison...
...this guy never works
the same way twice.

The only thing we know for sure...
...is, we get these letters full
of incomprehensible riddles...

...he strikes and suddenly
the clues make sense.

This one is down in Intelligence.
Hopefully, we'll get a lead
before somebody gets killed.

In the meantime...
...Matthews, get a team together.
Sir, you want me to take point?
For five years you've wanted it.
Last night, you earned it.
Pick your team.

I want preliminaries by 3.
That's it.

Who's buying me lunch?
Sir, I would like to talk
about what happened last night.

I didn't exactly follow orders--
"Exactly" follow orders?
There's no such thing.

You follow orders or you don't.
No arguments, sir. None whatsoever.
Until the hearing,
you're out of the field.

The hearing is totally warranted.
Wouldn't I be better
on the Citizen case?

I have a background
in profiling and decoding.

I could contribute.
Like you contributed last night?
By putting yourself
and 5 agents in jeopardy?

I'll save the rest
for the review board.

You will bury yourself
under a mountain of paperwork.

Discussion is over.
Mike, give me a pint.
Rough day?
The worst.
Sure you want a whole one?
Yeah. Hit me bigtime, baby.
Hey, Einstein. If you figure out
that Citizen letter, let me know.

Congratulations on the op.
It's a big shot.