O Brother, Where Art Thou?

(Horn blows)
Jesus! Can't I count on you people?
Sorry, Everett.
Well, all right.
If we take off through that bayou...

(Pete) Wait a minute!
Who elected you leader
of this outfit?

I figured it should be the one with
the capacity for abstract thought,

but if that ain't the consensus,
then hell, let's vote.

Suits me!
I'm votin' for yours truly.

Well, I'm votin'
for yours truly, too.

OK. I'm with you fellas.
(Dogs barking in distance)
- (Squeak)
- Mind if we join you, old-timer?

Join me, m'son. Join me.
(Delmar) You work
for the railroad, grandpa?

I work for no man.
- Got a name, do you?
- I have no name.

That may be why you had difficulty
finding gainful employment.

Y'see, in the mart
of competitive commerce...

You seek a great fortune,
you three who are now in chains.
You will find a fortune,
though it will not be
the fortune you seek.

But first...
first you must travel
a long and difficult road,

a road fraught with peril, mm-hmm.
You shall see things...
wonderful to tell.