O Brother, Where Art Thou?

- (Squeak)
- Mind if we join you, old-timer?

Join me, m'son. Join me.
(Delmar) You work
for the railroad, grandpa?

I work for no man.
- Got a name, do you?
- I have no name.

That may be why you had difficulty
finding gainful employment.

Y'see, in the mart
of competitive commerce...

You seek a great fortune,
you three who are now in chains.
You will find a fortune,
though it will not be
the fortune you seek.

But first...
first you must travel
a long and difficult road,

a road fraught with peril, mm-hmm.
You shall see things...
wonderful to tell.
You shall see a...a cow...
on the roof of a cotton house, ha.
And, oh, so many startlements.
I cannot tell you how long
this road shall be,

but fear not the obstacles
in your path,

for fate has...
vouchsafed your reward.
Though the road may wind,
yea, your hearts grow weary,
still shall ye follow them,
even unto your salvation.
(Everett) No, the treasure's
still there, believe me.

(Delmar) But how'd he know about it?
I don't know, Delmar. The blind
reputedly possess sensitivities

compensating for lack of sight,
to the point of developing
psychic powers.