O Brother, Where Art Thou?

# Oh, the storm and its fury
raged today

# Crushing hope
that we cherished so dear

# The cloud and storm
will in time pass away

# And the sun again
will shine bright and clear

# Keep on the sunny side
# Always on the sunny side
# Keep on the sunny side of life
# It will help us every day
# It will brighten all the way
# If we'll keep on
the sunny side of life

# If we'll keep on
the sunny side of life #

That was wonderful.
That sure was. Yes.

Now, I know The Sunnysiders
would agree with me

when I say that the great state
of Mississippi

cannot afford four more years
of Pappy O'Daniel!

Four more years of cronyism!
Nepotism! Rascalism!
Of service to the interests!
Now, the choice, she's a clear 'un.
Pappy O'Daniel,
slave of the interests...

Homer Stokes, servant of
the little man. Right, little fella?

He ain't lyin'!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the little man has admonished me

to grasp the broom of reform
and sweep this state clean!
It's gonna be,
"Back to the flour mill, Pappy!"

The interests can handle themselves!
(Homer) Come Tuesday,
we're gonna sweep the rascals out!

(Homer) Clean government
is yours for the asking!

(Cheering and whistling)
(Homer) Folks,
now the little Wharvey gals!

Wharvey gals? Did he just say
"little Wharvey gals?"

Come here, girls.
What y'all gonna sing for us?
(Girls) "In the Highways".