Plata quemada

Has she gone?
- Is she coming back?
- No.

- Did you care for her?
- No.

She was just a place to hide,
that's all.

Truco, goddamn it!
Candy from a baby...
We've got to teach the kid.

Hey, can you play Truco,
it's our national card game.
You'll never understand
Argentines if you don't learn.

First you must learn a few rules.
The strong cards

are the ace of swords,
the ace of clubs...

- The 7 of swords.
- Aren't we going?

Wait up. It's still early!
This is how you count envido,
like this, you see,
this would be 27.
When you've learnt the rules,
the different bets

and hands...
Then you shove all the rules
up your ass.
You have to lie!

The one who lies best wins.
That is the question.
Nobody there.
Don't answer it.
It may be a client
of your friend's.

We can rob him.