Reindeer Games

It's been forever
since I'd known a holiday,

since I'd seen my family,
since I'd been with a girl,
since I'd driven a car.

You see, cars are what put me here.
Iron Mountain, maximum security.
I was riding a hard five
for grand theft auto.

Meanwhile, my esteemed raping and murdering
colleagues were up for parole at three.

World works like that sometimes.
All the time in my experience.
That's me, Rudy Duncan,
menace to society, on the left.

The guy on the right's
Nick Cassidy, my best friend.

Back then, we were both looking
at three days to a new start.

That's what ya talk about

How you're gonna get it right.
How you'll never make the same mistakes.

We walk outta here, we hit that road,
what's the first thing
you're gonna do ?

Hot chocolate.
- What ?
- That's the first thing I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna go out and get myself
a mug of hot chocolate.

And a piece of pecan pie.
That's right.
A piece of pecan pie.

She's gonna be
out there, man.

She's gonna be
right there waiting.

She got us a motel
on Highway 5.

Lock ourselves in
the whole week,

drinkin' wine,
takin' baths, man.

Nick, all those pictures
she sent ?

You sure that's really her
in the pictures ?

I did hear sometimes these girls
send pictures that's not really them.

It's like their prettier cousin
or somethin' like that.

Why ya gotta say
a thing like that, man ?

- I'm just sayin'...
- Why ya gotta say a thing like that ?

I'm just sayin',
maybe I should take her out.