Miss Crock, you have such an appreciation
of fine clothing...

...l was thinking it was time
you buy me a new uniform.

You lookjust fine to me, Willard.
And you're dismissed.
But, it's disintegrating.
The buttons are barely hanging on.
Willard, that is a terrific suit.
Your father worked for me for 30 years.
Wore that suit every day.

Never complained!
Yeah, and then he died.
And then, at the funeral, you made
the undertaker give it back to you...

:03:40 you could stick me in it
for another 15 years.

Just what are you implying?
Miss Crock, it's Christmas time.
l'm only asking for a new uniform.

''Only'' a new uniform?
And pretty soon it'll be
''only'' a new broom, maybe.

And before you know it,
l will be ''only'' bankrupt!

Now, would you please
get out of my sight...

...before l kick you in the ass?
lt's not my fault
you have frost on your strawberries.

We have a contract.
Well then, l'll see you in court.
Excuse me, ma'am.
-l've got the Danish.

Bring 'em in.
Miss Crock, l'd like you to meet...
...Gunn Froling, Erland Vetterlund,
Per Malmsjo and Bertil Guve.

The executive team
from Copenhagen Snak Food.

Well, l'm just flattered that you're
even considering my little factory.

Lovely output.
That's terrific, Gunn.
You are truly a Great Dane.

Come, gentlemen, l'd like to show you
the Bun room. l'm sure you'll love it.