The first things that weren't
my sisters hand-me-downs

They matched my mother's
But my mother
threw them away

She called them old
She didn t need them

When I saw that,
I thought,
she II do that to me one day

I'm scared of being alone
But I'm scared of mother, too
So I cursed everyone
to drive them away

The curse will come to pass
on my birthday

So my birthday always
has to be tomorrow

But mother didn't go away
So I had to kill her
in my head, over and over

But suddenly,
I realized that I had to leave
So i began dressing up
would bring my
new and happy life
But I don't know
what to do about tomorrow
You never know about tomorrow
All we really know,
is that tomorrow
we'll still be together

What do you say?
Want to try to see your mother?
The 31st day the day