Small Time Crooks

For me it was unusually mediocre,
don't you think?

- I agree completely.
- Banal.

Excuse me.
I have to find my wife.

I saw a beautiful painting of fruit
at the, uh, Met or the Whitney.

It might have been
the Holocaust.

- Areyou affiliated with any of the museums?
- No, I'm a private dealer.

Oh. We have
one or two paintings,

but I haven't really gotten around
to building a collection yet.

Uh-huh. So what are you interested in?
What's your...

Rembrandt. Picasso.

- You know, the boys.
- Yeah, yeah.

I might be out of Michelangelos
at the moment.

But I did recently come into possession
ofan incredible Damon Dexter...

that someone's trying to sell.
I don't think
I'm aware of him.

No. Well, he's new,
you know.

I have to say, your wine
is absolutely delicious. Really.

It was chosen by the same chef
who did the finger bowls.

Haveyou rinsed?
David used to be part owner
of a vineyard, so he's a tough audience.

Did you study art at school?
No, I didn't. I often think
I should have. I studied literature.

Then inevitably wound up
as a stockbroker.

Then I dropped out, went to Japan,
became a Buddhist, blah, blah, blah.

And then, yeah, I did teach art
at Amherst for a bit.

And then the vineyard.
My God, what a life!
And you're still so young.

Yes, well...
Don't let the face fool you.

Somewhere in a closet
there's a portrait of me aging.

In the closet?
Why would it be in...

Oh! How droll.
You hear about
the Polish car pool?

Every day
they'd meet at work.

- I can't believe this room.
- I don't know...

This takes bad taste
to new heights.