He's gonna pull my pants down,
grease me up...

...and aim for penetration.
If I didn't have
the replacement pikey...

...he'd want to split me in half.
They could charm the paint off walls,
these fellas.

Look mean now,
you hairy fucker, won't you?

Shits himself when
you put him in the ring.

Poke him with a stick,
you watch his bollocks grow.

Do you like a dog fight, Turkish?
We've lost Gorgeous George.
You're gonna have to repeat that.
We've lost Gorgeous George.
Well, where'd you lose him?
He ain't a set
of fucking car keys, is he?

And it's not as if he's
incon-fucking-spicuous, is it?

We're not backing out.
You bet your bollocks to
a barn dance you're not.

We're changing the fighter.
Oh, fuck me,
your lady friend got a voice?

Who are you changing him to,

You won't know him, but he's mustard.
l don't care if he's
Muhammad ''l'm Hard'' Bruce Lee...

:31:15 can't change fighters.
-You've still got your fight.

l lose all bets at the bookies.
You can't change fighters.

So, no, l don't have my fight,
do l, you fucking prat?

You can take bets at the fight.
Put a lead on her, Turkish,
before she gets bitten.

Do you want to get bitten, sweetheart?
Make sure your man goes down
in the fourth.

You understand me now,
don't you, Turkish?

This is the one place
I didn't want to be:

In his debt.
Which now means I'm in his pocket.
You're on thin-fucking-ice,
my pedigree chums.

And l shall be under it
when it breaks.

Now, fuck off.