Oh, fuck me,
your lady friend got a voice?

Who are you changing him to,

You won't know him, but he's mustard.
l don't care if he's
Muhammad ''l'm Hard'' Bruce Lee...

:31:15 can't change fighters.
-You've still got your fight.

l lose all bets at the bookies.
You can't change fighters.

So, no, l don't have my fight,
do l, you fucking prat?

You can take bets at the fight.
Put a lead on her, Turkish,
before she gets bitten.

Do you want to get bitten, sweetheart?
Make sure your man goes down
in the fourth.

You understand me now,
don't you, Turkish?

This is the one place
I didn't want to be:

In his debt.
Which now means I'm in his pocket.
You're on thin-fucking-ice,
my pedigree chums.

And l shall be under it
when it breaks.

Now, fuck off.
Doug, where's Franky Four Fingers?
l don't know. l'm not his mother.
But l'm seeing him later.

-When later?
-He said he wanted cash.

So he's coming back
after he's been to a fight.

A fight?
What do you mean, a fight?
A boxing match?

-ls there gambling involved?
-lt's a boxing match, Avi.

-Did he have a case with him?
-Yes, he had a case.

And this schmuck is gambling?
You're talking about Franky ''l've got
a problem with gambling'' Four Fingers.

Avi, l'm not telepathic.
You're plenty stupid,
l'll give you that.

Do you know why they call him
Franky Four Fingers?

l have no idea.
Because he makes stupid bets
with dangerous people.

When he doesn't pay up,
they give him the chop.