When does your plane leave?
Twenty minutes.
Give me your gun.
When you get to London...
...if you want a gun...
:06:28 this number.

He can get you anything you need.
ls he allowed to do that?
lt's an unlicensed boxing match.
lt's not a tickling competition.

These lads are out
to hurt each other.

What's with those sausages,

Two minutes, Turkish.
Look at it. How am l supposed
to run this thing from that?

We'll need a proper office.
l want a new one.
You're going to buy it for me.

Why me?
Well, you know about caravans.
How's that?
You spent a summer in one.
Which means you know more than me.

And l don't want to have me pants
pulled down over the price.

What's wrong with this one?
Oh, nothing, Tommy.
lt's tiptop.
l'm just not sure about the colour.
lt's all arranged.
You just got to pick it up.

Here's an address.
lt's a campsite.
You've got 10 grand, and
it would be nice to see change.

-What's happening with them sausages?
-Five minutes.

lt was two minutes five minutes ago.
They ain't pikeys, are they?
l fucking hate pikeys.
You're a sensitive boy, Tommy.