Feed him to the pigs, Errol.
What the fuck are you two looking at?
Ifyou got to deal with him, just
make sure you don't end up owing him.

Then you're in his debt.
Which means, you're in his pocket.
And once you're in that,
you ain't ever coming out.

l hear he's a good fighter,
so l'll use him.

l'll be doing you a favour, boy.
What he means is,
I'm doing him a favour.

Because everybody knows nobody takes
a dive in my fights. Unlike his.

Here, Errol, l don't think
he likes me.

You don't like me, do you?
Don't know what you mean.
I do know I can't wait to get
out ofhere. It stinks.

My fights finish prompt so we can get
out before the authorities find out.

Play your cards right
and l'll sort you out.

You can sort me out by showing me out.
It's hard to make a living
in boxing, so now and then...

:11:00 do something
against your principles.

Basically, you have to forget
you got any.

Are they Lancashire pigs?
Who's talking to you?
Oh, yeah, Tommy.
Brick Top loves Tommy.

Don't let me down.
You don't want to let me down, do you?
See you ringside.
Boris, Franky-fucking-Four Fingers...
...has a diamond the size of a fist.
l have told you it's in the briefcase
connected to his arm.

l sent him to you to buy a gun.
What more do you want me to do,
hit him for you?

But don't you hit him either.
Americans can't know it was Russian.
lt will come back to me.
You're my brother, so think like it.
Get somebody else to steal that stone!
l don't want it getting back to me.
And don't have him killed.
lt will raise suspicion.