Pikeys are well-known for their
skills ofnegotiation in business.

It's probably why
they talk like that...

:18:06 you can't follow
what's being said.

But if Tommy can get the caravan
for less than the price asked...

...on his return
there will be ice cream.

Good dog, good family.
He'll get a little homesick,
but he'll get over it.

See you later, lads. See you, boss.
All right, Mickey. Laters.
l don't see what the fuss is about.
They aren't bad fellas.
The deal was, you bought it
how you saw it.

Look, l've helped you as much
as l'm going to help you.

See that car? Use it.
You should fuck off now while
you still got the legs to carry you.

Nobody brings you...
...unless they're trying
to say something without talking.

Just give our money back
and you can keep your caravan.

Why do l want a caravan
that's got no wheels?

-You want to settle this with a fight?
-Over my dead body.

Now, go on! Go on!
l'll not have you fighting!
You know what happens when you fight!

Get her to sit down.
For fuck's sake!
Want the money?
l ain't fucked you.

l'll fight you for it. You and me.
So that's the kind of fight
it'll be.

You want to stay down.
You want to stay down!
Get back down and fucking stay down.
l promise you, you want to stay down.
Deadly kick for a fat fucker,
you know that?