l want him to get used
to the shop, don't l?

Stop the dog!
Come back!
All right, Boris?
-Don't worry about the dog.
-l'm not.

What can l do for you?
l have a job for you.
l already have a job.
Fifty grand for half a day's work.
Go on.
l want you to hold up a bookies.
From Russia with love, eh?
l have stones to sell...
...fat to chew and many men
to see about many ducks...

:23:44 if l am not rushing you....
Slow down, Franky, my son.
When in Rome.

l am not in Rome, Doug.
l am in a rush.
l got to make the bookies.
-What are you betting on?
-Bomber Harris.

The unlicensed boxer?
Do you know something that l don't?
Bubbe, l probably know
a lot you don't.

He's bad to the bone,
ain't you, Tyrone?

Of course l am.
Tyrone'll drive for us. He's
done a rally driving course.

Of course l have.
l don't want that dog
dribbling on my seats.

Your seats?
Tyrone, this is a stolen car, mate.
While l'm at the wheel, it's my car...
:24:36 stop that dog dribbling
on my seats. All right?

l can't believe you found it.
Where'd it go?

lt went back to the gyppos.
Shut up.
And how could it find them?

Well, l don't know.
l'm not a dog, Sol.

Ask him.
lt's like he's
a fucking homing beacon.

Steady on the brakes.