l thought you said
he could drive, Sol.

Don't worry about me. Just worry
about that dog on my seats.

All right?
You said he was a getaway driver.
What the fuck can he get away from?

Don't worry about Tyrone.
He can move when he has to.

Worry about getting us a gun.
What's that?
This is a shotgun, Sol.
lt's a fucking
anti-aircraft gun, Vincent.

-l want to raise pulses, don't l?
-You'll raise hell, never mind pulses.

That does not look like a bookies.
Why'd we stop here? What's the
matter with that space over there?

lt's too tight.
Too tight?
You could land a
jumbo-fucking-jet in there.

Leave him alone.
He's a natural. Ain't you, Tyrone?

Of course l am.
A natural fucking idiot.
Tyrone, what've you done?

Yeah, Tyrone, what have you done?
Look, you hassle me,
you see what happens.

lt's all right.
No, don't move it now.

People'll see the damage.
Why'd you do that?

l didn't see it.
lt's a four-ton truck. lt's not like
it's a packet of fucking peanuts.