lt was at a funny angle.
lt's behind you, Tyrone.
Whenever you reverse,
things come from behind you.

Control that dog as well.
-Get that dog off him.
-Get it off me.

Give me that squeaky toy.
lt shut him up last time.

Don't snatch.
He can't swallow the whole ball.
Why the fuck...
...did you put Gorgeous George...
...into a bare-knuckle boxing match...
...two days before
he had to fight The Bomber?

He was half his size.
l didn't expect him to get hurt.

You put the man into
a bare-knuckle boxing match.

What the fuck did you expect?
A grease-down and a shiatsu?
Who took the jam out of your doughnut?
You took the fucking jam
out of my doughnut.

You did.
You said get a good deal.
l fail to recognize
the correlation...

...between losing 10 grand,
hospitalizing Gorgeous...

...and a good deal.
How'll we explain this to Brick Top?
That his fight won't happen?
We replace the fighter.
Oh, and hope he doesn't notice?
Who the fuck will we
replace him with?

What about John The Gun?
Or Mad Fist Willy?
You're not Mr. Current Affairs,
are you?

Mad Fist went mad...
...and The Gun shot himself.
Let's use the fucking pikey.
-How much you gonna pay us?
-10 K.

Me bollocks. Lose more
than that running for the bus.