And why's that?
Because the deal is, the Russian
gets the case, we get the money.

What's in the case?
For fuck's sake, Tyrone, just
concentrate on the steering wheel.

-Private night tonight, chaps.
-l'm well aware of that, my son.

That's why we're here.
Well done. This is the back way in.
Oh, really?
l thought it was the front.

-Private night tonight, chaps.
-We know. That's why we're here.

Are we ever gonna get into this place?
Avi, Avi, you gotta understand.
This ain't exactly Vegas,
and this ain't exactly legal.

l'm not looking for Vegas
or for legal.

l'm looking for Franky.
l know that,
and he said he's gonna be here.

-lf there's gambling, he'll be here.
-Let's not have a fuck-up.

You won't let us down.
He's going down in the fourth,
don't you worry about that.

ls that him?
l don't know.
How many fingers did he have?

Sorry, l didn't get
the binoculars out in time.

Let's not stand on ceremony.
Let's start the show.

Do you know who
this bookies belongs to?

lf you know what's good for you
you'll give me everything--

What are you doing?
What does it look like
l'm doing up here?

This is starting to hurt, Solomon.
Drop the screen now.
How you doing, Vince?
l'd do a lot better
if you'd stop using my name.

-Fill that bag.
-All bets are off.

l am not in here
to make a fucking bet.

...but all bets...