ln the red corner...
...we have the young
and unchallenged....

So, Mickey, you're going down
in the fourth. ls that clear?

Just make sure he doesn't kill me.
So give it up
for the bone-crunching...

:38:16 machine gun...
And in the other corner....
Now, l know he looks
like a fat fucker--

Well, he is a fat fucker,
but he's dirty and he's dangerous.

Bomber ''The Mad Man'' Harris!
Now, try and look like a fighter.
Let's get ready...
:38:45 rumble!
Do you realize l'm
fucking forty grand down?

What's the fucking crack?
-l'll make it up to you.
-l ain't happy.

l'll make it up to you, l promise.
Stand on me.

Oh, that fucking pikey's
put me in it.

Thanks for the tip, Brick Top.
Listen, you fucking fringe,
if l throw a dog a bone...

...l don't want to know
if it tastes good.

Stop me again whilst l'm walking and
l'll cut your fucking jacobs off.