We could, by all rights, keep
the whole fucking stone, Boris.

Watch out!
Drop the gun, fat boy.
You fucking idiots.
He could not know my name.

Give me the stone.
-lt's in the case.

lt's in the case.
You put the stone in the case?
Open it and give me the stone.
The only man who knew
the combination, you just shot.

Now, it's not too clever to hang
about after Mickey's performance.

Brick Top, in short, will be looking
to kill Tommy, Mickey and myself.

I know he's looking for us,
but I don't have a choice.

I'm happy to leave the country,
but I need money to do so.

But any money I have is in the safe,
which is in the office.

Once I have that, it's--
Oink, oink.
So that's where you keep the sugar.
What brings you two here?
Run out of pants to sniff?

That sounds like hostility,
doesn't it?

And we don't like hostility,
do we, Errol?

No, we don't, John.