l just had them polished.
Go and put the kettle on.
-You take sugar?
-No, thank you, Turkish.

l'm sweet enough.
He's now your problem.
You can keep the 10 grand,
along with the body...

...but if l see you again,
you motherfuckers....

Well, look at him.
l've got a bare-knuckle fight
in a couple of days.

l want to use the pikey.
All right. Of course.
Of course, fucking of course.
l wasn't asking, l was telling.
But this time...
...l do want him to go down
in the fourth.

And l do mean it, this time.
Now, l know you come back here
to open your safe.

So now you can open it.
Turkish has been a busy
little bastard.

l think he's got away with enough.
Thinking can get you into trouble,
Errol. l shouldn't do so much of it.

That takes care of one little piggy.
Now find me the silly sods
who blagged the bookies.

Find them today.