Periwinkle blue. Bye, boys.
Who's proper fucked now, then?
There's something very wrong
with this.

lt was us that wanted
to buy a caravan off of him.

Well, why didn't you ''bust a cap
in his ass'' then, Tommy?

Mind you, you'd do more damage
if you threw it at him.

What? You saying l can't shoot?
Oh, no, Tommy.
l wasn't saying you can't shoot.

l know you can't shoot.
What we're saying is, that piece
of shit stuck in your trousers...

...would do more damage
if you fed it to him.

You saying the gun don't work?
You tried it?
l want to see
that sneaky fucking Russian.

Why's he got a tea cosy on his head?
To keep his head warm.
-What happened to him?
-He got shot in the face.

l thought that was obvious.
What'd you do that for?
You mistake him for a rabbit?

-What do you want me to do?
-Sort it out.

-l'm not a witch doctor.
-But you are a bad boy yardie...

...and bad boy yardies should know how
to get rid of bodies.

l create the bodies,
l don't erase the bodies.

We're in, governor.
Goody gumdrops.
Get us a cup of tea,
would you, Errol?

Grab hold of his legs.
What do you think
l'm gonna grab him by, his ears?

Hope this is not a bad moment.