What's so fucking important?
Why do you think
we've got a dead man...

-...missing an arm in our office?
-Talk to me, tell me.

You give us four days...
...l'll get you a stone the size
of a fucking home. l kid you not.

What do you think, Errol?
l think we should drip-dry them,
while we got the chance.

lt was a rhetorical question, Errol.
What have l told you about thinking?
-You got 48 hours.

You can keep that silly, fat wanker.
The lads can't lift him.

Forty-eight hours.
After that it's your family...
...and the pigs finish
what the dogs don't do.

So, what should l call you?
Should l call you ''Bullet''? ''Tooth''?

Call me ''Susan''
if it makes you happy.

Tony, there is a man
l'd like you to find.

That depends on all the elements
in the equation. How many are there?

Forty thousand.
Where was he last seen?
At a bookies.
Pass us the blower, Susi.
-Bookies got blagged last night.
-Blagged? Speak English.

This country spawned the language,
and nobody seems to speak it.

Blagged, robbed.
We'll see a man
that may know something.

l need a gun.
You don't, Rosebud, me old son.
You need me.

l got fucking black ink all
over fuck boy.

He's stained for fucking life.
That and the golden teeth as well.
Fucking hell--

All right, Mullet?
How you doing?
You all right, mate?

Nice tie.
l heard you weren't about that much.
Still warm, the blood
that courses through my veins.

Unlike yours, Mullet.
Who blagged Brick Top's bookies?
-Do me a favour, Tone.
-l will do you a favour, Mullet.