The 6th Day

-When did Oliver die?
-This morning.

We can do a post-mortem syncording...

...but act fast because there's
a 1 2-hour window on deceased brains.

I have a problem with the whole idea.
Suppose the clones have no soul
or they're dangerous?

Clone pets are every bit
as safe as real pets.

...they're insured.
If it's so safe...
...then why is it against the law
to clone humans?

Because the human brain is too
complicated to syncord.

You remember the experiment they did?
That's why it didn't work.
Now it's illegal to even try.

But with pets, it's a totally
proven technology.

Your RePet Oliver
will be exactly the same dog.

He'll know the tricks
you taught him...

...where the bones are buried--
He won't even know he's a clone.

And did I mention...
...they're insured.
I don't care about insurance.
I care if I can trust my daughter
with an animal with sharp teeth.

We can make him smaller.
With softer teeth.

You can?
We can even color-coordinate him
to match your decorating scheme.

Sim-Pals, the best friend
money can buy.

Let me think about that.
--who's fun to be with.
Treat your kids--

Look, I might be back.
You'll be back.
Your daughter will think
you're the best.

-My sister has two and loves them.

Come, let's fix the collar.
There you are.
-It's amazing how real this is.
-I know.

My daughter will be so excited.
Come, let's go home.
You have called Hank Morgan.
Hi, I'm not here, so leave a message.
Hank, it's me again.
What happened to you? I waited at
Kelly's for half an hour. It's now...

-...five past 7.
-I'm Sim-Pal Cindy. What's your name?

I'm heading home now.
If you get this message--

Let's be friends.
What's your name?
Can't you see I'm talking? Quiet.
--head to my house with flowers and a
good excuse, or Natalie will kill you.