The 6th Day

Dr. Weir is interested in medicine,
not politics.

Mr. Drucker, the protesters claim you
run RePet at a loss...

:31:09 soften people
up to human cloning.

You know, we shouldn't forget
that not long ago...

...there were almost no more fish
left in the ocean...

...and half the world's population
faced the threat of hunger.

Cloning technology turned that around.
Extremists won't admit
they'd rather people went hungry...

...than eat cloned fish,
so they yell about human cloning.

Do you think human cloning laws
should be changed?

Suppose a 1 0-year-old boy is in the
hospital, dying of liver cancer.

Thanks to Dr. Weir's work...
...we can save that boy.
In the next bed lies
another 1 0-year-old boy...

...whose parents love him
just as much...

...only he has
an inoperable brain tumor.

You cannot clone a brain.
The only way to save him
would be to clone the whole person.

How do you tell that boy's parents
that we can save the first boy...

...but the research that would have
saved their son wasn't done...

...because of a law passed by
frightened politicians a decade ago?

So, what does that mean?
Enjoy the party.
-Looks like you needed rescuing.
-Yes, I did. Thank you.

Weir Clinic, stay away!
No research on DNA!

Weir Clinic, stay away!
No research on DNA!

Hey, boss!
Johnny. How's my star quarterback?
I'd say I felt like a million bucks,
but I'd hate to take a pay cut.

Don't remind me, all right?
That was one nasty hit you took
last week.

Be careful. We don't want you
getting killed.

Katherine? Are you all right?
I'm just feeling
like I don't quite belong.

But I'm fine. Really.
No, you're not.