The 6th Day

But now I love him so damn much.
If there were something
we could do for Billy...

... only it was highly illegal...
...would you consider it?
Of course I would.
That's the same hypothetical--

No, no. Don't answer so fast.
You'd face a minimum sentence of
40 years if it ever came out.

But he'd be cured?
He'd be exactly the same.
Perfect health.
Never even have to know.
But if the secret came out...
...with the law now...
...he'd be put to sleep
like a rabid dog.

He'd be destroyed,
like a horse with a broken leg.

And if it never came out?
Or if the laws were changed one day?
Billy wouldn't have
anything to worry about.

I beg you.
Go to my house and pick up
my wife and daughter.

If I go there, they'll kill them both.
You made a different report
an hour ago.

No, I didn't.
According to this, you did.
That must have been the clone.
Look, I know it sounds crazy.
I can hardly believe it myself.
-Was your car stolen or not?

-So you did report it?
-No, I took it.

You stole your own car?
I'm a court-appointed virtual
attorney. You don't have to answer.

Is my client being charged
with auto theft?