The 6th Day

Goddamn it! Son of a bitch!
Piece of shit Wiley.
I'm gonna kill him. Where is he?

He's still cooking.
Son of a bitch.
I look like crap.
Do you have any idea how much
my hair treatments cost?

How much does Gibson know?
That he's been cloned and we'll
kill anyone who sees them together.

What's that? What?
Does Drucker know you're talking
about killing innocent people?

Relax. It's just a threat.
Of course, we'd never actually do it.
Try to have a good night.
You do your hair.
I'll take Wiley and Vincent.

I've got to pierce my damn ears again.
Officials blame the latest strike
by major league players...

... entering its 4th year
and a lack...

... of fan identification with teams
in the Series for the dismal ratings.