The 6th Day

On the sixth day, God created man.
God created man on the sixth day.

Why did you kill my friend?
Hank Morgan was an abomination to God.
He was a clone.
He was no clone.
The real Hank Morgan died
this afternoon.

I killed him.
So I could...
:55:23 I could kill Drucker.
Drucker isn't dead.
It would be all over the news.

Open your eyes.
Drucker's a clone.
Dr. Weir cloned Drucker.
Dr. Weir cloned your friend.

Dr. Weir cloned you.
They found us.
Shoot me in the head.
-We have people at Weir's lab!

I know who they are.
They scan my brain, they'll be killed.

Shoot me.
God forgive me.