What Women Want

[Woman] Do you know
the expression ''a man's man'' ?

A man's man
is the leader of the pack.

The kind of man other men
look up to, admire and emulate.

A man's man
is the kind of man who...

[Chuckles] just doesn 't get
what women are about.

Nick, my ex-husband,
is the ultimate man's man.

I probably never
should have married him.

I don't think he understood
a thing about me.

So, this is Nick Marshall's office.
Wanna peek ?

Don't worry.
He never gets in before 10:00.

He'll send you on more errands than
anyone in the entire company...

'cause he can't do
anything for himself.

He's the least politically
correct guy in the universe.

He's the king of all
the T & A ads we do.

You want babes in bikinis ?
He's your man.

My dad ? How can I
best describe him ?

He's always been...
like an uncle to me.

Yeah, Uncle Dad.
Nick was a charmer.

Completely irresistible
at first,

which feeds into
the whole ''man's man'' thing.

You know about
Nick's mother, right ?

Because once you understand
about Nick's mother,

you understand Nick.
[Woman] Nick was actually
born and raised in Las Vegas.

Nick's mother was a real,
honest-to-God Las Vegas showgirl.

When otherboys were outside
riding their bikes and playing ball,

Nick was backstage
hanging with the girls.

He was their mascot,
their little pet.

They couldn 't get enough
of those baby blues.

- Bang ! Bang !
- [ Laughs ]

lf you ask me, I'd say Nick's
mother just about killed it...

for every woman
Nick would ever meet.

She had a lot of sugardaddies
in her life,