Yeah, she had a dick, dude.
Come on.
This is the kind of girl
I’ve been looking for.

And she was digging your shit?
Of course she was.
Did you stuff her?
No, man.
I’m kind of like you, Zeke.
I think I really like this girl.
She was more interested in
stocks and bonds and stuff.

Sounds like she was
interested in your wallet.

It wasn't like that at all.
I think she cared about me.

That's so great.
All right, so...
these are the revenues.
And these are earnings.
That makes sense.
Most chicks I date couldn't
give two shits about what I do.

All they want is a nice dinner
in some trendy restaurant

and a nice hard cock
at the end of the night.

They don't care what's
important to me.

Did she want the hard cock too?
No, man. This one was different.
We totally bonded.
I didn't want to sleep with her.
I could've talked all night.

That sounds like a lot of fun.
you just talked all night?
She smoked me.
But I could've talked all night.
Was she good?
I just told you I didn't fuck her.
No, was she good at smoking pole?
Fucking horny bastard.
She was all right.
She won't win any medals.

So she ain't no Hanna.
Wait a second. Who's Hanna?
My God! I almost forgot about her.
You remember Hanna.
Hoover Hanna.

She gave Brad
the five hour blowjob.

Bullshit. No fucking way.
That chick could suck
a taxi driver through immigration.

After three hours, I got so hungry
I called Mr. Pizza.

The dude came into the room
as Hoover was gumming my knob.

She never knew he was there.
How did you last for five hours?
I was so boozed and tabbed up,
maybe 27 bongos on top of that,
now way I was gonna nut.