Wo hu cang long

Any disturbance
will cast suspicion on him.

It might get Sir Te in trouble.
This is a delicate matter.
Sir Te, can you find some excuse
to invite
Madam Yu and her daughter?

What do you have in mind?
The best way to trap a fox
is through her cubs.

Madam Te is certainly spoiling us
with these wedding gifts.

She's being so considerate.
I'm sorry she's not feeling
well enough to receive you today.

I heard Sir Te lost something.
And now Madam Te's
not feeling well...

We know who stole
the missing item.

If the thief returns it,
I'm sure Sir Te will pursue

the matter no further.
That's good.
Sometimes the help can't keep
their hands to themselves.

It's very embarrassing.
Sir Te knows that even well-meaning
people can make mistakes...

that can bring ruin to themselves
and their families.

But don't be too lenient.
No mercy will be shown
toward the murderer

who turned up in Peking.
A murderer?
the very killer
of Li Mu Bai's own master.

Last night,
she killed a policeman
who had tracked her down.

A female criminal!
Now that's news!

You say she killed
a policeman?

Yes, from the West.
He went undercover,
and followed her here.

Maybe the murderer
and the thief are the same.
I doubt that.
This thief...
is very unusual.
And most likely smarter
than a mere killer.