How do you know?
[Xavier's Voice]
You're not the only one with gifts.

- Where are you going?
-[Cyclops' Voice] Where's he going?

[Xavier's Voice]
What are you doing there?

What is this place?
Anonymity is a mutant's first chance...

the world's hostility.

Hey, no powers!

To the public, we're merely
a school for gifted youngsters.

Cyclops, Storm and Jean
were some of my first students.

I protected them, taught them
to control their powers...

and in time,
teach others to do the same.

The students
are mostly run a ways.

Frightened, alone.
Some with gifts so extreme
that they've become a danger...

to themselves
and those around them.

Like your friend, Rogue.
Incapable of physical human contact,
probably fort he rest of her life,

and yet here she is
with others her own age,

learning being accepted,
not feared.

- Sorry.

I'm Bobby.
What's your name?

- Rogue.
-[Logan's Voice]
What'll happen to her?

[Xavier] Well, that's
up to her. Rejoin the world
as an educated young woman...

or stay on
to teach others...

to become what the children
have affectionately called X-Men.

Welcome to Mutant High.
But the school is merely a public face.

The lower levels, however, are
an entirely different matter.

When I was a boy, I discovered I had
the power to control people's minds,