learning being accepted,
not feared.

- Sorry.

I'm Bobby.
What's your name?

- Rogue.
-[Logan's Voice]
What'll happen to her?

[Xavier] Well, that's
up to her. Rejoin the world
as an educated young woman...

or stay on
to teach others...

to become what the children
have affectionately called X-Men.

Welcome to Mutant High.
But the school is merely a public face.

The lower levels, however, are
an entirely different matter.

When I was a boy, I discovered I had
the power to control people's minds,

make them think or do
whatever I wanted.

When I was 17,
I met a young man named Eric Lensherr.

He, too, had
an unusual power.

He could create magnetic fields
and control metal.

Believing that humanity
would never accept us,

he grew angry and vengeful.
He became Magneto.
There are mutants out there
with incredible powers, Logan,

and many who do not share
my respect for mankind.

If no one is equipped to oppose them,
humanity's days could be over.

I'll make a deal
with you, Logan.

Give me 48 hours to find out
what Magneto wants with you,

and I give you my word
that I will use all my power...

to help you piece together
what you've lost...

and what
you're looking for.

[ Crowd Cheering, Shouting ]