A Beautiful Mind

Now have the school boys
to all the publish.

l cannot waste time with
these classes and these books.

Memorize in wicked sums
of less immortal.

l need to look through
to the governance.

Find the truly original idea.
And see the only way l
distinguish myself.

lt's the only way l...
Math it.
No... l hate this thing.
Cowards! All of you!
None of you rise to me much chance.
Come on, Bender. Who ever wins,
Sow does his laundry, all semester.

Anyone else?
Not at all.
Look at him
Nash, taking your reverse

l'm hoping to extract them
to define their movement.

So cool.
Nash, l thought you drive out.
You haven't got a class or...
Classes will dull your mind
Destroy the potential
for creative.

Oh, l didn't know that.
Nash is going to stun us all
with his genius.

lt's Just another way of saying
doesn't have the nerve to compete.

Are you scared?
Terrify, modify, petrify.
Stupidfy by you.
No starch. Press and folded.
May l ask you something, John?
Be my guest, Martin.
l didn't see that
Alan's proof can get you.

How it could work,
without innovation.

l'm flatter. Are you flatter?
And l've got two weapons briefs
under secured of you by the D.O.D.

Vanish achievements, Zero.