A Beautiful Mind

So cool.
Nash, l thought you drive out.
You haven't got a class or...
Classes will dull your mind
Destroy the potential
for creative.

Oh, l didn't know that.
Nash is going to stun us all
with his genius.

lt's Just another way of saying
doesn't have the nerve to compete.

Are you scared?
Terrify, modify, petrify.
Stupidfy by you.
No starch. Press and folded.
May l ask you something, John?
Be my guest, Martin.
l didn't see that
Alan's proof can get you.

How it could work,
without innovation.

l'm flatter. Are you flatter?
And l've got two weapons briefs
under secured of you by the D.O.D.

Vanish achievements, Zero.
l'm a patient person, Martin.
When is the next question coming?
What if you never come up
with your original idea, huh?

lf l were you,
l would have chosen the Wheeler.

And you are not.
What if you lose?
You should not have won.
l had the first move on.
My play was perfect.
The hubris are the defeated.
The game is float.
Gentlemen, the great
John Nash.