A Beautiful Mind

A moment in the Pentagon, huh?
They usually take the word
''classified'' out of the dictionary.

The air-condition broke again.
How am l going to safe
the world if l am melt?

You know, two trip to the
Pentagon in 4 years.

lt gets better, John.
Sign here since it is
relating to the assignment.

You know,
the Russian has the aged-bomb.

And NASA is repaying
South America.

Chinese has outstanding
army of 2.8 million.

l am doing stress test on a damn.
Hey, look. You make the
cover of the Fortune again.

Please do not use
the word ''you'', not ''we''.

That was supposed to be Just me.
So not only they
rob me in the field,

now they put me on the
Fortune's magazine

with these hats,
the scholars of Tribia.

What's the difference between
genius and most genius?

Quite a lot.
His your son.
You got 1 0 minutes.
l always got 1 0 minutes.
Before a new class.
Can l not getting a ''no''
for a doctor or something?

You are a doctor, John.
And no.

Never mind. You are the drill
and we give beautiful facilities.
MlT got a lot of great
answers for tomorrow.

Have a nice day at school.