A Beautiful Mind

The problem that you left
on the board...

l solve it.
Oh no, you didn't.
You don't even look.
l never said that the rest in the
field are rational functions.

The solution is elegant.
Go on with this particular occasion.
All of them are correct.
You're still here.
l'm still here.
l'm wondering, Professor Nash...
lf l can ask you for dinner.
You do eat, don't you?
Occasionally... yeah.
For me, there is a long chain
of rock and the bird

circling over the head.
You know how it is.
l expected that...
you would know.

You leave your address
in my office.

l'll pick you up Friday
at 8 and we'll eat.
One more thing...
Do you have a name?

Or should l Just keep
calling you miss?

Governor, may l present...
Miss Alicia Lern.
Professor, please.
You and the Governor.
Sorry, please.
l want a copy of this because
it is a big date.