A Beautiful Mind

You do eat, don't you?
Occasionally... yeah.
For me, there is a long chain
of rock and the bird

circling over the head.
You know how it is.
l expected that...
you would know.

You leave your address
in my office.

l'll pick you up Friday
at 8 and we'll eat.
One more thing...
Do you have a name?

Or should l Just keep
calling you miss?

Governor, may l present...
Miss Alicia Lern.
Professor, please.
You and the Governor.
Sorry, please.
l want a copy of this because
it is a big date.

You boys need a napkin.
Which is the day you
find yourselves in.

All together actually.
There better.
l surprise him.
You Just keep on surprising him.
Oh God, He must be a painter.
Who else got so many colours?
So you are a painter.
lt is not actually what l said.
But... yes, l am.